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Working at RQR

Looking for work that you'll love showing up to everyday?

It's the people in the team that make a business - that's why our goal is to create a place full of opportunities, progression and celebration! Here's why our staff love the work they do: 

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How do you tell a great company from the good ones? 

It's all in the values. At RQR, some of the most important things for us is respect, quality and reliability. (That is how the name 'RQR' came about after all). We are also all about development and the pursuit of excellence - we're hungry to grow and we never settle. Ultimately, we want the same success for our employees!

Tailored Organic Training Program

Just starting your career in sales? Or are you looking to develop your skills to the next level? RQR provide personalised and ongoing training for people of all experience levels. With over 25 years of expertise in the business, there's always something new to learn here! 

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Outstanding Career Progression!

How far you would like to progress is completely up to YOU. With unlimited opportunity for rapid growth and promotion, you grow when you choose. Want to be a manager, get into leadership or even run your own office one day? It's all possible! 


(fun inside the business and out) 

We're huge on celebration, big or small! A great team culture is super important to us - so regular social events come around often!

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